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Candy Cotton [11/9], Linda Shaw [12/9] y Linda Wong [13/9]

A woman of some degree of intelligence, who seemed to "Get it" if you like. A performer as opposed to a sack of spuds. She was active an performer from 2000 to 2004.

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Although her film history only shows films from '81 - '87 Linda Shaw was part of the x-film scene in the 70's as well. One of the original natural blond starlets, Linda's scenes, especially in the 70's, were often on grainy film quality which belied her very real beauty. She was not a bad actress (which was an issue then, not now), and was a wanton performer who "serviced" all the best male actors onscreen.

Linda Shaw & Ron Jeremy - Golden Girls-030 - "The Love Machine"

Collection 133 - Fix my Clock - Linda Shaw and Kevin James

Linda Wong (September 13, 1951 – December 17, 1987) was a pornographic actress and one of the first Asians to become a star in the adult film industry.

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Filmografía parcial

  • Oriental Babysitter (1976)
  • China Lust (1976)
  • China DeSade (1977)
  • Babyface (1977)
  • The Jade Pussycat (1977)
  • Stormy (1980)
  • Swedish Erotica 10 (1981)
  • The Erotic World Of Linda Wong (1985)

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